Apprenticeship Application

Please click the button below to download our application form as a PDF which can be printed, filled out by hand and mailed to our headquarters (635 East Highland Road Macedonia, Ohio 44056-2185.) You may also choose to fax (330-908-3065) or email the form (


What are the benefits?

  • Higher wages/ Quarterly raises for 4 years
  • Higher quality of life and skills
  • Job security
  • State registration upon graduation

Length of program?

  • Minimum 40 hours a week on the job training
  • 2-3 hours and 2-3 nights of classwork a week
  • Minimum hours required is 8,000/4 years

Pay schedule?

  • Start at a minimum of 50% of a journey worker
  • Increased hourly pay on a quarterly basis

Cost of program?

  • Employer pays full salary, benefits, and cost of training


  • Fill out the Apprenticeship Application
  • You will be called for an interview and plant tour
  • You must be able to read/write english fluently
  • Minimum of high school/GED education

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